Gambling Outlook For Africa

Gambling Outlook In Africa

Lesedi Mbatha | 14 / 10 / 2020

Without a doubt, all forms of gambling have evolved significantly in Africa in recent years. Probably one of the most prominent events that are worth mentioning here is the fact that the African continent is now part of the ICE Totally Gaming annual rota. If you are not familiar with this event, you should know it is one of the most successful events of its kind gathering participants from several continents, including Europe and America. If solely for this, we believe it is safe to assume that Africa is currently regarded as one of the promising parts of the world with an amazing potential for growth and development in the upcoming years.

There are plenty of voices that claim Africa has what it takes to become the next big iGaming hub on the planet. South Africa definitely counts among those countries that are currently showing huge potential for growth in the region. One of the main arguments we could mention there are millions of real money online casino players that still choose to access virtual casinos located offshore despite the legal restrictions that are connected to gambling online in the country.

Needless to say, not all African countries have evolved the same, nor do they have the same direction and goals when it comes to gambling activities, whether on land or online. The arrival of many international and successful companies in the region is, however, allowing all countries to enjoy a fair chance to grow. Let us take a look at a few related facts concerning the gambling culture in Africa and what players can expect from the future.

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Young Population And The Need For Change

If you did not know this by now, Africa is the continent with the youngest population on the globe. Youngsters ages 19 on average make up for seventeen percentile points from the total population on Earth. Young people are more interested in all forms of online entertainment, with gambling and sports betting included as quick and fun means of making money. According to official data, there are more than 420 million active mobile users people in the Sub-Saharan region of the continent.

Gambling Outlook In AfricaBy the end of 2020, it is expected for their number to reach half a billion users, turning the continent into the fastest developing market for users of mobile phones, tablets, and other devices that can be used on the go. Counting more than two hundred million connections on smartphones that are also available on the continent, Africa is ranked even higher than America and it represents an undeniably important market that is waiting to be drenched in opportunities.

The fact that lots of players like to use mobile payment alternatives when wagering online is another important element that is prone to influence the outlook of gambling in Africa in the upcoming years. We can also mention here the one hundred million active users of real money mobile accounts that are currently open on the continent and part of the official statistics. That is one in every ten adults here who is of the legal age to gamble. In comparison to South Asia, which is another highly successful gambling hub at a global level, gamers in Africa are more numerous and they are a contribution to the visible and palpable shift in the way gambling is done on the continent. South Africa makes no exception as millions of passionate players continue to engage in online gambling sessions on their phones and home computers.

The Way The African Retail Culture Will Influence Online Gambling In South Africa

Right now, gambling culture is mostly affected by a series of practical factors related to the retail industry. We can expect the numerous releases in terms of new technologies to soon start to change the way payments are made and wagering is done in general. Experts speak of the ancient habit of handing over paper money to a retailer n exchange for a service or product. Casino players may expect to use the same practices when playing and winning the casino, waiting for their wins to be manually handed over to them. Virtual forms of gambling done online eliminate the need to interact with flesh and bones cashiers, dealers, or croupiers. Some players, especially those that do not belong to the youngest age groups may express their reticency regarding this aspect. They may feel less safe or comfortable with using virtual casino funds and trusting a casino to pay up.

The fact that Africa is now part of the global ICE event should help build more trust among players who are still expressing their doubts regarding the trustworthiness and fairness of online casinos in Africa.

More and more specialised platforms that enable gamers to register their membership with the help of a valid phone number that can also be used as their username are starting to emerge in the region. Lots of players choose to embrace them when doing a lot of their wagering online and the introduction of Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency for making payments online is also contributing to the gambling industry shifts that are already felt here.

In order to get a deep understanding of the outlook of gambling in South Africa for the upcoming years, it is important to first grasp the main complexities that currently define the African continent. In order for the most powerful software developers and gambling companies to enter South Africa and other deeply traditional countries in Africa, they should focus on domestic businesses, as well as white-label products.

We are eager to see the way the online gambling laws in Africa will change in an attempt to keep up with the heavy pressure on behalf of players who continue to access grey area casinos offshore to do their gambling online.

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