Online Gambling Laws And Regulations In Africa

Online Gambling Laws And Regulations In Africa

Jeremy Jacobs | 04 / 10 / 2020

People of Africa are no strangers to the online gambling scene and the fact that the continent is aligned for some major restructuring in the upcoming years cannot be denied. While some countries like South Africa have been faster to adapt to the evolution of the industry and the shift to online gambling, other African states may take a while longer to raise to the same level. Nonetheless, the wheels have started to spin and things have started to change all around the continent. Many gambling laws regulating virtual forms of wagering are expected to be altered in the upcoming years, especially in countries like South Africa where millions of players are involved in the grey-area type of gambling using offshore casinos online that accept players there.

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Gambling Laws That Build Trust Among Players

While players may have a more difficult time putting their trust into new casinos online emerging here, licensed venues that would be officially authorized to provide their services would definitely change things. There are a few countries that have already officially made online casino gambling legal with the help of their special online gambling laws in Africa, and we can mention Nigeria, Kenya, or Mauritius here. Besides these countries that have embraced gambling online and made it legal, there are the so-called grey-area states where the activity is not banned directly, and we cab mention Ghana, Zambia, Namibia, Angola or Botswana on this list. This means residents can also engage in online forms of gambling, similar to South Africa.

Lots of the countries located in the southern part of the continent are still struggling to succeed in the endeavour of making online gambling legal. However, this is expected to occur sooner than later, given the lucrative nature of this industry and the major contribution it would have on countries' governments. While the citizens of African countries are allowed to wager their money on sports bets which have been made legal since 1996, horse racing seems to count among the favourites of punters here.

In those countries where gambling is outlawed, land-based casino resorts are very popular and visited by millions of people every year. Egypt hosts more than twenty land casinos at the moment. In South Africa, Casa is the main association responsible for issuing licenses for casinos in the industry. Over the course of eight years, gambling has managed to generate over R12 billion in terms of investments made in nine different provinces, with a contribution of over R36 billion added to the country's GDP.

Players who are on the look for some added comfort and convenience while doing their gambling will definitely enjoy a series of virtual alternatives they can access on a 24/7 basis from the comfort of their own home. The introduction of more permissive gambling laws online in African countries where this has not happened yet would be a solid solution in the region.

For example, since the Gambling Act has gone into operation in South Africa in 1965, the regulations regarding gambling in the country kept evolving and going through a number of serious changes, in an attempt to keep up with the fast-paced world of gambling. The National Gambling Act 7 that has been issued in 2004 is just one example that we are going to mention here in regards to the online gaming regulations in South Africa. The National Gambling Act 7 was mostly written with the intent to ban all forms of online gambling within the borders and, a few years later, in 2011, the new regulations decided the illegal status of online gambling in the country. Many voices claim serious changes need to be brought to these laws, given the millions of gamers who still choose to access and play their favourite casino games online. How is this possible? Simply due to the fact that the legal restrictions concerning virtual forms of gambling target the casino operators themselves that provide these gambling services, and the gamers that join the casinos and wagers their money there.

The Way African Players Can Access Gambling Sites

Technological changes are also a regular thing for many countries on the continent and the introduction of a variety of mobile devices running on all known operating systems and software and the increased accessibility of affordable smartphones and tablets are all contributing to the current direction that the online gambling industry is headed to.

Lots of players from various African countries prefer to embrace online gambling when doing their wagering at mobile casinos using smartphones which seem to be their preferred devices for doing it. Lots of players have no problem using their mobile devices to claim a welcome bonus offer and register for a new player account with a casino.

Once online gambling will become legal in all African states where it is not legally prohibited, mobile friendliness will be one of the main decisive factors that will establish the popularity and usefulness of a virtual casino dedicated to players there. This does not mean that regular online computer gambling is not equally popular here. However, the introduction of this modern-day technology on the go that allows players to access their preferred games from any remote location 24 hours a day triggers a greater level of freedom which is always preferred by players in Africa.

For example, South African is expected to beef up the number of licenses offered to online casinos that are relying on offshore licenses. At the moment, there are a few dozens licensed casinos operating here, with more expected to arrive here in the upcoming years, which should coincide with the legalization of online forms of gambling here.

For now, forty of the fifty-four African countries have officially made at least one form of gambling legal. Morocco, Kenya, Botswana, and Namibia host casinos and casino resorts similar to the ones found in Las Vegas, Macau, and other similar gambling hubs around the world. These land venues are extremely appealing for tourists visiting thee countries, as well as the residents interested in one form of gambling or the other. Casinos located in crowded metropolitan areas or casino resorts such as the one in Sun City located in South Africa are some of the main attractions here.

The use of powerful geolocation tools will also contribute to better market penetration for these casinos in the upcoming years. Players will mostly look for reputable and licensed casinos that have proven their trustworthiness over the years or that have been vetted by reputable sources like our platform.

Casinos featuring mobile apps that allow gambling on the go with the tap of an icon with the inclusion of live casino options and the display of generous promotions and no deposit bonus offers will help make these venues even more popular in the upcoming years.

The African continent has, without a doubt, an irrefutable potential in terms of the global gambling market. It also represents the continent with the fastest-growing number of gamblers and the non-stop need for reliable online and live casino gambling will definitely keep reshaping the industry.

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