Online Blackjack Beginners Guide

Blackjack is one of the exciting card games, which is popularly played offline as well as at African online casinos. With the advent of the Internet, the players have started enjoying blackjack in the comforts of their own home. In addition to the classic blackjack, players can now choose to play several versions of blackjack that includes exciting rules and big rewards.

What’s more, blackjack is even available to play live at the live casino section of the online casinos. Live Blackjack games are hosted by real croupiers and players can interact with them and place real bets and enjoy winnings at the same time.

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The Basics Of Blackjack Card Game

The main objective of blackjack is to get a higher score than the dealer without exceeding 21. Players can win at a blackjack card game in three ways.

  • The player wins at blackjack when he gets a natural blackjack and the dealer doesn’t. A natural blackjack means that the players get cards with a total value of 21.
  • The player wins at blackjack when his scores are more than the dealer’s score but not more than 21. The players with a score of more than 21, go bust.
  • The player wins at blackjack when the dealer busts.

How To Play Regular Blackjack?

If you are a beginner or want to brush your skills of playing regular blackjack, here are the tips and tricks for you.

  • Online Blackjack Beginner's GuidePlacing Bets: The game starts by players placing bets even before the cards are dealt.
  • Dealer Dealing Cards: After the players are done with betting, the dealer distributes two cards to each of them, both face-up. The dealer gives two cards to himself as well, but one card is face-up and the other card is face-down.
  • Hit, Stand, or Split: The players will check their cards and decide if they want to Hit, Stand, or Spilt. Hit means taking one more card. When the players choose to Stand, it means they don’t want any card and they are contented with the cards. Split means that players want to play their two cards separately.
  • Dealer Checks His Face-Down Card: After the turns of all the players, the dealer checks his face-down card. He, then, decides to Hit or Stand according to the rules set by the casino.
  • Dealer offers payouts or collects bets: Dealers will offer payouts to the players who have won the hand and take the bets of the players who have lost the game.

It is pretty easy to find the winning hand. The players who score 21 with their first two cards, become the automatic winner provided that the dealer doesn’t have blackjack as well. Else, the player wins if the total score of their hand is higher than the dealer but not more than 21.

The Rules Of Blackjack

The rules of blackjack for players and the dealer are different. The gameplay of the dealer is dependent on the rules fixed by the casino. 

  • Rules of Blackjack for Players: The players are required to place bets before the dealer distributes the cards to them. On their turn, they have the chance to Hit, Stand or, Split the cards. After the dealer has checked his face-down card, he will check the cards of the rest of the players and announce the winner. 
  • Rules of Blackjack for Dealer: The dealer will Stand when the score of his cards is 17 or more. He will Hit on a soft 17. If the dealer has an Ace card and he is using its 11 value and his total card value is 17 or more, but not exceeding 21, he must Stand.

The Value Of Blackjack Cards

The blackjack is played with a regular card deck. Ace holds special significance as it has two values, 1 or 11 and the players can use the one that helps them make a blackjack.

The face cards are Kings (K), Queens (Q), and Jack (J), and their value is worth ten points. The cards such as Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten are worth their numerical value.

Two Types Of Blackjack Hands

You must have heard terms such as Soft Hands and Hard Hands. Let’s know what they mean in blackjack.

  • Soft Hands: A hand where one of the cards is Ace is a soft hand. It can be counted as 1 or 11.
  • Hard Hands: A hand where you don't have an Ace. 

Ways To Place Bets In Blackjack

After the dealer has dealt cards to the players, they can inspect their cards and decide the next action when their turn comes.  Here are the different moves the player needs to consider when playing blackjack.

  • Stand: The players can Stand if they are satisfied with their first two cards. This signifies you don’t need any other card.
  • Hit: The players can choose to Hit, which means you need another card to improve their total blackjack score.
  • Fold: The players who are not pleased with their cards can choose to Fold, which means you don’t want to play further and thus ready to lose your bet amount.
  • Double Down: If the players have got good cards, they can Double Down, which means that they want to place another bet equal to their original bet and receive one more card.
  • Split: The players can choose to Split and use each card separately if they get a pair. In this condition, they will need to place another bet equal to the original bet for the second hand.
  • Surrender: In some casinos, the players have the choice to surrender their half bet after the dealer has checked his face-down card.
  • Insurance: It is a special side bet that the player can place if they think the dealer has got a blackjack.  

Blackjack is a popular game in many online casino in Africa because its rules are simple but the gameplay is exciting and full of anticipation. The players can improve their gameplay but learning strategies and using tips to turn the game in their favour.

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