Beginners Guide For Soccer Betting Online In Africa

Soccer Betting Online Guide

There’s no question that soccer is a popular sport in Africa. One reason for its popularity among players is accessibility. Compared to other sports, soccer requires a minimal set of resources. Just find a flat field cleared with rocks, use four poles (or rocks) as goal-posts and a ball and you can start a game. Thanks to its accessibility, it’s now played in different parts of Africa. And as part of its popularity, it’s now a popular offering in the best sportsbooks in Africa. By signing up for an account on one of these sites, you can now enjoy soccer betting online and reap the potential rewards.

However, success in sports betting hinges on several factors. More than an understanding of the basic rules of the game, it also requires a clear appreciation of the soccer bets, betting odds, and other betting tips. Make sure you’re ready to bet by checking this beginner’s guide to soccer betting.

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Soccer Betting Terms You Should Know

To confidently bet on soccer online, make sure you know the lingo used by punters. The most popularly used terms are usually the types of bets that you can play online. Also, the common soccer betting terms are those you will normally encounter when completing your online soccer betting. Here’s a shortlist of the popular soccer betting terms every beginning punter should know.

  • Full-Time Result. This type of betting is also called the 1x2 betting where you put your money on either the home team to win or the away team, or a draw.
  • Asian Handicap. For these soccer bets online, a team gets a virtual advantage and you will wager on which team will win while taking into consideration the assigned handicap. Asian handicap is used in world soccer betting to even up the playing field. For sportsbook operators, the use of handicapping ensures that all betting outcomes will get the punters’ attention.
  • Over/Under Betting. In soccer, the most popular over/under is the number of goals that can be scored by both teams. For example, a sportsbook may publish +2.5 for a game between two popular teams. If there are three or more goals, you win the wager.
  • Stake. Also known as the wager or bet, this refers to the amount of money you use to complete your bet.
  • Punter. This is the person who places a bet to predict the outcome of a soccer match.
  • Bookmaker. This is the website or sportsbook that provides you with the betting odds and accept real money bets.

Singles and Accumulators - What Makes Them Different?

Aside from the popular soccer bets and terms discussed above, you will also encounter a few complicated terms. When betting, you will play with singles and accumulators when betting on soccer. For the singles, you are simply betting on a single outcome, like the winner of a match. The accumulator takes it to a different level since you’re now concerned with multiple bets. Also known as ‘acca’ soccer bets online, the accumulator will combine bets from different games to come up with just one bet with a bigger payout. This is done by multiplying the soccer odds together of each selection and allows the punter to bet on every outcome in a single bet. If there are two selections, then a soccer bet is called a double. But if you include three selections in your accumulator, it’s called a treble.

Although an accumulator may offer a big payout, it may offer some risks to beginning punters. For example, the higher the odds the less chance that the wager will win. Also, you need to win all selections for you to collect a payout. If one selection misses the mark, then you lose your soccer bets online.

How To Start Betting With Real Money

Soccer is considered as the ‘beautiful game’ and there are several tournaments and leagues that you can follow. If you’re the type of punter who always wants to take part in the sports betting action, then following and betting on soccer is highly recommended. In a soccer match, each team will have 11 players who will compete for control of the ball and the field. The typical soccer match will run for 90 minutes, with a half. In some soccer matches, there will be extra time to break the draw between the two teams.

If you’re ready to bet on soccer, you need to register first an account in one of the recommended sportsbooks for African punters. Upon registration and confirmation of the account, you can now navigate to the sportsbook section and choose ‘soccer’ for your sport or event. Here, the site will display all the soccer betting markets available and you need to make a selection. As mentioned, most bookies cover the most common markets including full-time result and over/under betting. Your selection is instantly reflected on the bookmaker’s Bet Slip.

Bet On Soccer Starting Today!

Don’t have an account yet? If you’re still looking for the right sportsbook, check out our list of the best soccer betting sites for African punters. As a leading site for soccer betting, we review all sites so you can bet on soccer securely. We also provide you with a complete soccer betting guide that includes the soccer betting terms and bet types. 

Use our guide to soccer betting and follow our best soccer bets and tips for an exciting way to bet on sports!

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