Tricks To Win Betting On Soccer Online

Soccer is an extremely popular sport across the entire African Continent, and the number of punters wagering on the various leagues at the best African sports betting sites and betting shops that take place each year has also seen huge growth.

Whether you are betting on Vihiga United vs Mathare United in the Kenyan Premier League or Mbarara City vs Kitara in Uganda, every sportsbook has excellent options for us to win money betting soccer online across Africa.

Throughout this article, we will be highlighting a number of different betting strategies to help increase your winning percentage when betting on soccer.

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Most Popular Soccer Betting Markets

The betting markets used by most punters are listed below:

  • Win / Draw / Win – determining the outcome of the game and who will come out on top. A draw in soccer is a possibility, and the odds for a draw are always much higher because it is less likely to happen.
  • Over 2.5 Goals – this is by far the most popular market when betting on soccer. Placing wagers on a lower number of goals isn’t valuable because the odds are usually too low and betting on a higher number of goals is always a long shot.

There are also several markets that can provide a huge opportunity for bettors which are less common than the two mentioned above. These are:

  • Asian Handicap – your sportsbook will provide a handicap for each team with the favourite being given a negative handicap. If one team is clearly better than their upcoming opponent, then you should look into this market as the odds are always favourable.
  • Team Totals – this market is perfect for games where over 2.5 goals are questionable because of the likeliness that one team will keep a clean sheet. If this is the case, then you could back the better team to score over 1.5 team goals to give yourself a better chance of winning.
  • Corner Betting – this market has seen massive growth in popularity over recent years. You have the option of backing over / under a certain number of corners during a game. Punters have found edges when betting on these markets and it can be very lucrative providing you carry out a good amount of research.

Best Soccer Betting Strategies

We will discuss a couple of strategies that most punters use when betting on the two most popular markets highlighted above.

Over 2.5 Goals

When looking to bet on over 2.5 goals you want to make sure that the game you are betting on is likely to have goals in it. It is important to break down each teams form so that you have a clear picture of what could happen.

Please see below for an example:

Wydad vs Raja Casablanca are playing in the Botola Pro.

First, we will look into the statistics of the previous games Wydad has played.

  1. Check the previous 6 games played by Wydad and see how many games have gone over 2.5 goals.
  2. You are looking for a high percentage of the last 6 games going over 2.5 goals. We recommend at least 66.67%.
  3. Also, check to see whether both teams have scored regularly in the previous 6 games. If Wydad are scoring and conceding consistently, then this is a great mixture for this game to go over 2.5 goals.
  4. To provide a little more security, you can also look at the previous 6 games that Wydad has played at home (in this example, Wydad are playing at home). Using the strategy above, this will provide even more assurance of whether this game will hit over 2.5 goals.  

Once you are positive that there is a chance for goals on the Wydad side, carry out the same strategy for Raja Casablanca. The only difference will be to research the previous 6 games that Raja Casablanca has played away from home because they are playing at Wydad in this game.

Carrying out thorough research into every game that you are looking to bet on will give you a much better opportunity to pick a winner.

Win / Draw / Win

When you are looking at backing a team to win their upcoming match, it is imperative to look at the current form of both teams involved.

We will look at Kano vs Akwa United in the Nigerian Premier League as an example.

You want to see how well Kano has performed in their previous 6 games and also their previous 6 home games. This will show you whether they are in a current good run of form or not. It is important to look at the home games, because most teams play better at home, partly due to the home fans rallying behind their team during the 90 minutes.

Following this, you want to look at the previous 6 games and the previous 6 away games for Akwa United. 

By delving deeper into both of these statistics, it will give you a better feel for who will likely come out on top in their upcoming match-up.

Please be wary that heavily favoured teams by your sportsbook will usually have very low odds. Placing wagers on these teams will mean you have to put a lot of money on to get a decent amount in return. This strategy is not always about betting on favourites, because teams in mid-table can also have fantastic records at home and against weaker opponents.

Following these strategies will provide you with a fantastic stepping-stone to start winning your wagers on soccer.

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